Recent happenings and reports emanating from the fight world has it that Michael Bisping won’t finally get his showdown with Georges St. Pierre.

In addition to that, Bisping is out with an injured knee so he would have to sit out and watch two other middleweight fighters battle for an interim title come July.

Earlier this year, the two fighters had agreed to fight each other but Bisping confirmed last Wednesday that he would no longer be fighting with GSP as the fight had been called off.

Dana White, UFC’s president called off the fight after revelations were made by GSP that he would not be available to go into the Octagon until at least after October.

With the fight called off, Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker both of the middleweight division will face off at UFC 213 in an interim title fight holding at Las Vegas on July 8.

Speaking, Bisping posited that while he won’t be fighting anytime soon due to an injury, the fact that Whittaker and Romero will be facing off does not mean that they are fighting for his title.

“Unfortunately, I do have a knee injury so I won’t be fighting anytime soon. I spoke to Dana (White) the other day, it looks like they’re going to do an interim title fight with Robert Whittaker versus Yoel Romero.

“That doesn’t mean that they’re fighting for my title. Nobody’s fighting for my title right now. Let’s just make this clear.Romero and Whittaker are fighting and one of them gets a participation award. That’s all it is,” he said.

Bisping and St-Pierre still very much want their fight to happen but the chances of it happening remains slim as it is up to the UFC to decide whether it would or not.