Michael Bisping To Fight Against Rockhold

UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold might be up against Michael Bisping. This fight will surely help to complete what they had left unfinished about two years back.

Rockhold as well as Bisping have bickered on teleconference, but both have supported that a rematch should take place. As a result a rematch has been scheduled at UFC 199. The fight will take place at The Forum which is located in Inglewood in California. The date for the fight is June 4th. Bisping would be reminded of his loss that he met with at this venue. However, that might be good for him as he would be able to get his revenge this time.

Bisping is ready to shrug off the mistakes of the past and take on the same fight at the same venue in order to write a different outcome this time. At the time of the first fight Bisping had been a challenger on short notice. Though that might not be adequate excuse, Bisping feels that the pressure is on Rockhold. Bisping will be dangerous in this match and hence, Rockhold will be at a disadvantage.

Bisping states that he has been going through an emotional roller coaster. It is but natural to feel positive, but negative as well at times. He has been evaluating footage which is about ten weeks. He is ready to shock the world and take a go at his opponent with all that he has. Fans will surely be wishing him to get the victory in the venue where he faced defeat the last time. They are hoping that he would be in good form and that he would be able to take on his opponent and execute strategies that will work in his favor. After all, it is all about choosing the right methods to fight and to understand his opponent’s weaknesses well.