Michael Bisping Opens The Welcome Door To Tony Bellew Bout

Michael Bisping, who is the first UFC champion of Briton, has opened the door of opportunity to showdown of a potential boxing with Tony Bellew, the former champion of the cruiserweight world.

In a move that ricochets Conor McGregor the UFC superstar swapping the octagon for the ring to fight against Floyd Mayweather, the ex pound-for-pound boxing king. Bisping has expressed his interest in the cross-code bout.

The issue first raised its head when Bellew told the Sky Sports that “I can grapple, I can wrestle, I can kick, I punch hard and I have got some experience of kickboxing as well. Bellew has not been seen fighting after March, when he beat David Haye in the match of heavyweight grudge.
When asked the question what if Bellew is put in the cage with puncher in the UFC?

The 34-year-old player clarified with the remark on Twitter, saying this “Just to clear things up, Bisping was not called by me! I am a fan of his tbh! I just replied “yes” when offered me to fight against him.

Mike Bisping is a player who is popularly known as a puncher and this name he has got because of his strong wrestling power.”

Bisping on his remark responded that Bellew is a great fighter hand and he would be loved to fight with him.

He tweeted from his account “It is all good Tony; people have a tendency to twist things. For the record, after gap, I am going to have a match of boxing with you for sure.

This is going to be great and hope we both will enjoy it.”
Bellew replied to him “It seems good to me; I will offer a knockout to add to my reel highlight.”