Tyron Woodley, UFC welterweight champion narrowly defended his title on Saturday which saw him edge out a majority decision over Stephen Thompson in a fight in the UFC 209 that has been widely criticized for not being up to par.

The both participants have come out to defend their cautious approaches in the match, yet others have not been so genial.

Speaking with TMZ Sports after the fight, Michael Bisping, UFC middleweight champion gave his own opinion on how the match fared.

Bisping will be getting prepped up to defend his belt later this year against Georges St-Pierre, former long-time UFC welterweight champion. He believes that if the title fight at UFC 209 was between the best the 170 pound division could offer, then the chances of him retaining his own belt was pretty huge.

Speaking, Bisping said:

“Well, let’s be honest, it was tactical but it wasn’t the most satisfying fight.

“If they’re the best welterweights in the world, then I should fuck up GSP. That’s a fact. If they’re the best welterweights in the world then GSP is going to a funeral pretty quick.”

In the 170 pound division, Woodley and Thompson are in fact the two top-ranked fighters, a fact which Demian Maia, who has so far put up an impressive winning streak in the division, may wish to argue out with Thompson.

However, the current champion is Woodley and he prides himself as the best welterweight of all time, considering himself even better than GSP, Bisping’s future opponent. However, Bisping doesn’t seem to share that same belief.

“Best welterweight of all time? I like Tyron but all I saw there was 20 minutes of backing up. You’ve got to go forwards to win a fight,” he added.

Bisping noted that the fight was a tactical one, and congratulated Tyron for winning the match.